Lab 11

Part One: Titles

  1. Breastfeeding, Benefits and Barriers
  2. why breastfeeding is that much important?
  3. why should I breastfeeding my baby?
  4. why did my mom give me her milk?
  5. formula? no thanks
  6. how to know human milk is the best?
  7. No breastfeeding means I am a bad mom?
  8. The baby and his food

Lab 9

One night around 10 the fire alarm started and I found myself in the apartment’s lobby with other resistant. There was crowd but just only one thing got my attention, a mother with her newborn with nonstop crying. I saw that lady before and always was jealous about her connection and bounding with her baby girl. in But that night she couldn’t stop her crying. I was thinking the first action for every mother would be breastfeeding but she never attempts for that. Because of that I tried to make myself close to her while she was talking to the other women that has a very similar face and body shape to her and I assume that she could be he sister and I was right. Why she doesn’t start breastfeeding her baby instead of being anxious and talking with her sibling?! My sense of curiosity and bad feeling for the baby made me to eavesdrop their conversation.

Lab 8


I love playing basketball


  • I like have a body in good shape è beauty of body
  • I like to have a different community and friends as my basketball teamè connection
  • I like competition and actionèteamwork, cooperation, collaboration



  1. The central idea of my article is about breastfeeding and its barriers, benefits that every moms need to know.
  • Does breast milk provide sufficient nutrients for new born?
  • Does breast feeding have any other roles except being the food for baby?