Research Report

Atieh Nasirzadeh

Nonfiction Writing

Mr. Jeffrey Gandell

March 9, 2015

Part One: Program and Topic

My program of study is nursing and my topic is about breastfeeding. I choose this topic based on my experience in the postpartum unit and also the importance and long lasting protection of breast milk for the neonate.

 Part Three: Textual Research Notes


E.Perry, Shannon. Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada. Toronto: Elsevier Canada, 2013.

  • This book is being taught as the main book in second year of nursing program in Dawson. It is a reference for all my practices in placement sittings and also for my class tests and final OIIQ test to get my RN licence. This book contains most of the essential information for my article and also is really easy to read and understand even for a person who has no background in nursing care.


Nix, Staci. Williams’ Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy. Toronto: Elsevier Canada, 2013.

  • I would like to use this book because one of the main questions of new mother is “what kind of food can increase my breast milk?” or “what kind of diet prevents gaining weight while I need to eat and drink more to have breast milk ready for my baby?” Therefore, having a proper diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding period could save the mothers’ shape and also provide the essential nutrients for new mother and baby. I found the Canada’s Food Guide booklet with its details in this book for the first time that is really interesting and simple to follow to ensure that minimal recommendations for all nutrients are met.


I.Eidelman, Arthur. “American Academy of Pediatrics.” 27 02 2012. 2015

  • I find this article interesting because it reveals that breastfeeding results in improving infant and maternal health outcomes. This article talks about all unique nutritional and non-nutritional benefits to infants and mothers and in turn, optimizes infant, child, and adult health as well as child growth and development.


E.Svenssin, Kristin. “International Breastfeeding Journal.” 11 03 2013.

  • This article contains the latch-on aspect of breastfeeding. I would use this article for the sake of showing the effect of latch-on problem on early termination of breastfeeding. Teaching and assessing the new mother is really important and can encourage mom to continue breastfeeding for at least six months.


Ludwick, Ruth. “The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.” n.d.>

  • As a nursing student, I am observing and caring many mothers with different ages, cultures, ethics and values. Different cultures have different ways for hospitalization and consequently, a nurse must respect to all cultural and religious concerns of patient and their families. Breastfeeding and its consequences are strongly affected by believes. Therefore, I find this article interesting that is mainly about cultural values and ethical conflicts that can have a huge impact on breastfeeding processes.


Wolf, Joan. “babble.” 2011.>.


Collazo, Julie Schwietert. “STIR.” 2014. 2015>

  • Both number 6 and 7 are about the mothers that choose not to breastfeed as well as their proposed reasons. As I said before, choosing breast milk or bottle milk is a personal choice and no one should judge a mother’s decision. For me, it is really interesting to read and know about the reasons and I am sure that knowing them can be a valuable light in the way of teaching and encouraging mothers for breastfeeding.


“Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding.” May 2014. 2015>.

  • I like this governmental article that sheds a light on strategies that give mothers sense of protection and support from her family members and society. Identify barriers and explore solutions for mothers who breastfeed can encourage more women to choose breast milk rather than bottle.


Linda Folden Palmer. “The Baby Bond.” July 2013.>.

  • This article talks more about bonding aspect of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin effect. Cuddling with baby during breastfeeding can make really strong connections between mothers and babies and also effects on baby’s developmental stage and milestone. I would like talk about bonding because the very first action after delivery is to put baby on mother’s breast and ask the father to take off his t-shirt and tried to keep his baby in his arms which makes a really nice and effective connection at the first minute of the baby’s life.


“What To Expect.” 2014.>.

  • Some women just cannot breastfeed their babies due to breast reduction surgery, illness and some conditions such as HIV, drug abuse and etc. Therefore, I will talk about these barriers that should be noted when we are talking and encouraging a new mother about breastfeeding.


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