Lab 5

Part 3:

Nursing is a profession in the field of health care system that is focused on the care of adults, children, families and communities so that they may achieve, maintain and promote optimal health and quality of life.

Part 4:

Eating proper an enough food to maintain health and improve quality of life is the very first and vital concern for any mammal. Once a baby open his eyes to this world due to his disabilities, first need is providing him proper and adequate nutrients that is easy access

Part 5:

I would write my article for:

1.World Health Organization (WHO) because WHO is directing and coordinating control for health within the United Nations.

2. Unicef, Nutrition, Breastfeeding

Part 2:

Why breastfeeding?

Scientifically breast milk has more nutritional benefits rather than bottle feeding but there are a lot of causes that the new mothers give up and start with formula to survive their babies. There is no doubt in the beneficial of breast feed such as increasing immune system and bounding between mother and newborn. There are plenty of reasons for choosing formula, baby with a poor sucking reflex, not able to latch, painful nursing and  the fear of not enough milk for baby, busy mother with her job and a lot more.


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